Registration for tryouts closed!


We are currently not looking for members, however, if you wish to be notified for future tryouts, you can fill in this form and you will be contacted when another opportunity arises. Even if you do not have cheerleading skills or experience with dance or gymnastics, you are encouraged to try out—we look for potential as well!

Registration for Try-Outs is Open!


We have exciting news! Registration to join our team for the upcoming academic year is open. In order to apply, you must fill in this form, after which you will receive a confirmation email. General information concerning try-outs can be found here. Specific information on dates and the format of try-outs will follow via email. Applications are open until the 28th of August. Don’t miss your chance to join our amazing family!

Galc West 2020

Try outs are approaching!!

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Try outs are approaching, and we are preparing to become an official UM Sport Association.
This means the structure of our team is changing. At the try outs you have the opportunity to try out for the first, and second UM Cheerleading teams. The first team will be performing at most competitions, while the second team will perform locally in Maastricht. We’re looking for bright, new, talented and spirited people to join us in the new skills and challenges we take on as a team next year.
Boys and girls will be trying out together – but tryouts will be organized so that girls and boys are scored separately.

Girls will be tested on their skills in terms of:

  • Choreographies (how quickly you learn them and cleanly you perform them)
  • Flexibility (splits, back flexibility)
  • Jumps (we will teach you how to do cheer jumps at the try out)
  • Stunting skills (body tension and strength is important here)
  • Gymnastics/tumbling skills (any flips, cartwheels, round offs, etc.)
  • Motivation in general

Boys will be tested on their skills in terms of:

  • Strength (you need to lift a girl….)
  • Ability to pick up technique for lifting girls
  • Motivation in general

Check out our Join Us page for more information & how to apply!