This year’s champ? ORANGE BLUE!


Last month our COED team defended their title as Dutch Nationals champions and winning 1st place at the last round of Nationals.



Try Outs Information


Try Outs are approaching (September 8th)

Before we invite you to attend the Try Outs, we would like to know a few things about you:

  • previous experience (cheerleading, gymnastics, dancing, other sports)
  • your motivation (what can you add to the team / why do you want to join)
  • your name and age
  • your height 
  • where you are from
  • which faculty you are studying at
  • if possible: add a picture of you, so we can learn your names in advance and avoid a mix up during the Try Outs

Send your motivation letter to:

Where:Beeldsnijdersdreef 1, 6216 EA Maastricht, Netherlands

When: September 8th, *1. group: 18:30-20:30 / * 20:30-22:30

(it will say in the email to which group you belong)

What you need for the Try Outs: 

  • Sports clothes
  • Training shoes
  • Water

We are looking forward to reading your applications and meeting you soon!

Good Luck with everything 🙂

Royals Cup 2016 is coming up this weekend


The Maastricht University Cheerleading Team is proud to represent the students in Maastricht, the hosts of this event, with the entire team of 46 members (coed & all-girl).

Never before did we have a performance with such a numerous sum of team members.

It is evident that the preparation time with such a large group is almost immeasurable, but after a successful training weekend we feel confident about our performance and are now excited for the amazing event and to see what our Royals Cup Team has planned for all of us participants.

We hope you guys are excited for our performance as well.