Current Team

The Coed-Team 2018/2019

Our COED team trains on Monday at 20:45-23:00 and on Friday at 19:30-23:00.


Back Row: Brian, Lennart, Max, Miroslav, George, Leon, Markus, Michel, Henri

Middle Row: Cies, Kim, Paloma, Julia, Arlette, Anna, Ryan

Front Row: Mirne, Ayrona, Devi, Olga, Belle, Merel, Eline, Sophia

Missing: Alexander

Captain: Merel

Coach: Cies

The Smoed-Team 2018/2019

Our SMOED team trains on Wednesday at 18:00-19:30 and on Friday from 19:30-22:00.


Back Row: Ryan, Winnie, Marie, Bryony, Mitchel, Jarell, Benan, Mira

Middle Row: Maryse, Juliette, Angy, Sophia, Ilse, Charlotte, Katrin, Maia

Front Row: Carolin, Inka, Zoe, Kiara, Simone, Stella, Carolin

Missing: Gonzalo, Clara, Saiyd 

Captain: Maia

Coach: Ryan


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