Hire Us

Do you want us to organize a fun workshop? Or maybe spice up your event with some cheerleading performances? Message us on our Facebook page, or Instagram page or email us on cheerleading.maastricht@gmail.com (visit our contact us page!)

In the past we’ve been hired for multiple different events such as performing at a Rabobank event, coaching and professionally spotting at the DHL Eurocup, performed for the opening of the USCXL 2019 at UM Sports, at the famous Zirkus Beatzarr party, and gave many workshops to both student and sports associations.
We also performed during half time for other sports teams including basketball games, a Lacrosse game day and in front of thousands of marathon runners at the “Zweit veur Leid” organized by our sponsor the Mac gym.
Moreover, we coach the DHL Maastricht Panda’s and the Diamonds Cheer team to prepare them for their big competitions!

Please feel free to contact us if you’d like to hire us for a performance, event or workshop. We are open to many fun ideas!

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