Join Us (Lid worden)



From now on you can apply for the tryouts! The location and exact date will be announced soon, but it will definitely be in the beginning of September. 

Send a motivation letter to:

You should include the following information:

  • previous experience (cheerleading, gymnastics, dancing, other sports)
  • your motivation (what can you add to the team / why do you want to join)
  • your name and age
  • your height 
  • where you are from
  • which faculty you are studying at
  • which team you would prefer to join: Smoed or Coed (you can of course also state both of them, if you don’t mind!) –> please be aware that this is just a preference! (for more information see below)
  • if possible: add a picture of you, so we can learn your names in advance and avoid a mix up during the Try Outs

 We are looking forward to meeting you!


Information on the different teams: Both teams train at least once a week and are very enthusiastic and hard-working. What differentiates the teams, is the kind of events they participate in. From the next academic year on, the Coed team will only be participating in official championships (e.g. Dutch Nationals). It is the current Dutch champion in Coed division and also participated in the European championships this year. The Smoed team will therefore take over the university competitions (e.g. Champion’s Trophy), but will also participate in some official championships. One of the goals is to transform the Smoed into a Coed team as well, which is why we are looking for many guys to join our association!

It is required to be a Member of UM Sports and therefore own a UM Sports membership Card in order to join, either the Coed- or Smoed-Team!