Another first place!!! #CT16

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During the weekend the UM Cheerleading Team  (together with ISE- International Sports Events Maastricht) participated at Champions Trophy in Hamburg hosted by the Bucerius Law School.

We proudly defended our title and continued our winning streak with our 5th 1. place in a row.


Royals Cup 2016 is coming up this weekend

Competitions, Performances

The Maastricht University Cheerleading Team is proud to represent the students in Maastricht, the hosts of this event, with the entire team of 46 members (coed & all-girl).

Never before did we have a performance with such a numerous sum of team members.

It is evident that the preparation time with such a large group is almost immeasurable, but after a successful training weekend we feel confident about our performance and are now excited for the amazing event and to see what our Royals Cup Team has planned for all of us participants.

We hope you guys are excited for our performance as well.


Try outs are approaching!!

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Try outs are approaching, and we are preparing to become an official UM Sport Association.
This means the structure of our team is changing. At the try outs you have the opportunity to try out for the first, and second UM Cheerleading teams. The first team will be performing at most competitions, while the second team will perform locally in Maastricht. We’re looking for bright, new, talented and spirited people to join us in the new skills and challenges we take on as a team next year.
Boys and girls will be trying out together – but tryouts will be organized so that girls and boys are scored separately.

Girls will be tested on their skills in terms of:

  • Choreographies (how quickly you learn them and cleanly you perform them)
  • Flexibility (splits, back flexibility)
  • Jumps (we will teach you how to do cheer jumps at the try out)
  • Stunting skills (body tension and strength is important here)
  • Gymnastics/tumbling skills (any flips, cartwheels, round offs, etc.)
  • Motivation in general

Boys will be tested on their skills in terms of:

  • Strength (you need to lift a girl….)
  • Ability to pick up technique for lifting girls
  • Motivation in general

Check out our Join Us page for more information & how to apply!